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Are you looking for the Difference between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration system? So today we will study the Definition and Difference between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration system.  Here you will get the articles of Mechanical Engineering in brief with some key points and you will get to know an enormous amount of knowledge from It. So If you find this articles helpful, please let us know in the comment box, either if any correction required too, also let us know in the comment box.

Vapour Compression Refrigeration system:

The Vapour compression refrigeration system is by far the most popular and widely used system in refrigeration and air conditioning bot for industrial and domestic applications.

In this system, the working substance is a refrigerant like NH3, R-11, R-12.

This Vapour Compression system mainly consists of a Refrigerator compressor, a liquid compressor, a liquid receiver, a refrigerant control valve also called as Expansion valve and Evaporator.

I have discussed in Details with Diagram: Vapour Compression System

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration system:

A Vapour absorption system utilizes the low-grade form of heat energy to produce Cold. Whereas the VCR system needs work energy to produce cold which is a high-grade form of energy and expensive to produce.

The compressor of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System is replaced by the use of absorber, pump, and generator.

This system consists of a condenser, expansion device and evaporator with absorber, pump, and generator as a replacement of compressor of the Vapour Compression Refrigeration system

I have discussed in Details with Diagram: Vapour Absorption Refrigeration system

Difference between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption:

10 points enough to cover the main difference between them. So,

Sl NoVapour CompressionVapour Absorption
1.It has high C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance).It has low C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance).
2.The charging of refrigerant is simple.The charging of refrigerant is difficult.
3.A possibility of leakage of refrigerant is more.A possibility of leakage of refrigerant is less.
4.Performance is adversely affected by part loads.Reduced loads have no effect on its performance.
5.It can not be located outside without shelter.It can be located outside without shelter.
6.It is less bulky.It is bulky.
7.Liquid traces in the suction line may damage the compressor.Liquid traces in the refrigerant at the exit of the evaporator is not harmful to any component.
8.Wear and tear are high.Wear and tear are less.
9.It has a compressor and a motor. Therefore, It is more noise in operation.It has a pump only a moving part. hence it is quite in operation.
10.It uses high-grade work energy. It needs electrical energy for its operation.It uses low-grade heat energy therefore, It can operate on exhaust from I.C engines or on Kerosene lamp or process heat.

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