Difference Between Planer and Slotter Machine, PDF

Difference Between Planer and Slotter Machine, PDF

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Before discussing the Difference Between the Planar and Slotter Machines, let us first understand both in detail individually.

What is Planer Machine:

A planer is a machine tool designed to produce a plane and a flat surface on a workpiece that is too large or too heavy. The workpiece is securely fixed on a table called platen, and it reciprocates horizontally against a single-edged cutting tool. The surface machined may be horizontal, vertical or at an angle.

planner machine

What is Slotter Machine:

The slotter machine is a reciprocating machine tool in which, the ram holding the tool, reciprocates on a vertical axis and the Cutting action of the tool is only during the downward stroke.

Slotter machine

Difference Between Planer and Slotter Machine:

Sl. NoPlanerSlotter
1.These are the heavier, larger and costlier machine.These are lighter, smaller and cheaper machines.
2.High machining accuracy.Low machining accuracy.
3.The rate of power consumption is high.The rate of power consumption is low.
4.In planer, it is possible to make deep cuts and heavy feedsIn slotter machine, it is not Possible to take deep cuts and heavy feeds.
5.This is intended for large jobs.This is intended for small jobs.
6.It requires a large floor space.It requires less floor space.
7.The tool is stationary and work is moving.The tool is moving and work is stationary.
8.Multiple tools are used for machining.Only one tool is used for machining.
9.Tools used are heavier, stronger and larger.The tools used are lighter and smaller.
10.Work setting requires more skill and more time.Work setting requires less skill and less time.
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