Electrolux Refrigeration System Overview

Construction of Electrolux Refrigeration System

Electrolux Refrigeration System is consist of the following parts.

  • Heat exchanger
  • Absorber
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Water separator
  • Boiler & Burner (Generator)
electrolux refrigeration system

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is used to transferring heat to NH3.


It is used to remove the hydrogen from ammonia.


It is used to evaporate the NH3 with the help of H2.


It is used to condense the NH3 into liquid.

Water separator

The water separator is used to separate the water particle from the vapor Ammonia.

Boiler and Burner (Generator)

It is used to generate the Amonnia vapor and supply only the strong solution of ammonia.

Working of Electrolux Refrigeration System

In Electrolux refrigeration system NH3 gas coming out from the boiler is passed through the rectifier or water separator and then to the condenser.

The liquid of refrigerant gravitates to u-shape trap filled with liquid NH3 to prevent the entry of H2 to the condenser and then enters the evaporator.

The whole plant is charged to a pressure of about 14 kgf/cm2 and the evaporator contains hydrogen at a pressure of 12 kgf/cm2. Therefore as soon as NH3 enters the evaporator, its pressure falls to 2kgf/cm2 and its temperature being about 18-degree centigrade.

Due to this low temperature, NH3 evaporator taking its latent heat from the refrigerated space and produces a cooling effect.
The dense mixture of NH3 vapor and H2 then passes into the absorber where it meets with H2O coming from boiler and NH3 is absorbed in H2O, while H2 rises and returns to evaporator.

The strong solution of NH3 then passed through the heat exchanger and burner and supplied to the boiler at pressure head h.

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