Constrained Motion: Definition, Types [PDF]

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Hello reader, In this article we will be study constrained motion and types of constrained motion types which includes completely, successfully and incompletely motion. And I will leave the PDF at the end of the article.

Let's dive to topic,

What is a Constrained Motion?

Constrained Motion is defined as a mechanical pair which is having definite motion with respect to another element.

Types of Constrained Motion:

There are three types of Constrained Motion:

  1. Completely constrained
  2. Partially or Successfully constrained motion and
  3. Incompletely constrained motion

1. Completely Motion:

Completely Motion is defined as the motion between the pair takes place in a definite direction irrespective of the direction of the force applied, Therefore it is known as completely motion.


  • Square bar in a square hole
  • Shaft with a collar at each end in the circular hole.
  • A piston in the cylinder of an IC engine.
completely constrained motion
completely constrained motion

2. Partially or Successfully motion:

In this partially or successfully motion, The motion between a pair is not completed by itself but by some other means. Let's understand by example

Example: The motion of the shaft in a footstep bearing becomes successfully constrained motion when a compressive load is applied.

successfully constrained motion
successfully constrained motion

3. Incompletely motion:

The motion between a pair takes place in more than one direction.

Example: Circular shaft in a circular hole, as it may be either rotate or slide in a hole. Both motions have no relationship with others.

Incompletely Constrained MotioN
Incompletely Constrained Motion

So This is small information related to constrained motion. Let me know is this information help you? and If yes do not forget to share on Socials.

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