Constrained Motion-Types (Completely, Successfully and Incompletely)-PDF

Constrained Motion

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Constrained Motion:

A Mechanical Pair having a definite motion with respect to another element.

Types of Constrained Motion:

  1. Completely constrained
  2. Partially or Successfully constrained motion and
  3. Incompletely constrained motion

1. Completely motion:

Whenever the motion between the pair takes place in a definite direction irrespective of the direction of the force applied, then the motion is said to be completely motion.


Square bar in a square hole

Shaft with a collar at each end in the circular hole.

A piston in the cylinder of an IC engine.

Constrained Motion

2. Partially or Successfully motion:

Whenever the motion between a pair is not completed by itself but by some other means, it is said to be successfully motion.


The motion of the shaft in a footstep bearing becomes successfully constrained motion when a compressive load is applied.

Constrained Motion

3. Incompletely motion:

Whenever the motion between a pair takes place more than one direction is called incompletely motion.


Circular shaft in a circular hole, as it may be either rotate or slide in a hole. Both motions have no relationship with others.