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“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.”
- William Gibson
Mechanical Engineering is Awesome & I ❤️It!
Clutch: Definition, Working Principle, Function, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications [Notes with PDF]

Human beings depend upon automobiles significantly regarding their daily transportation. Therefore, in automobiles, there are lots of development that happens to utilize the maximum performance of the automobile. Often times an Engine is termed as ‘The Heart’ of a vehicle. In an automobile, the clutch is the part that makes or breaks the relationship between […]

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Cam and Follower: Definition, Types, Working Principle, and Applications [PDF]

In mechanical engineering, engineers often use a higher pair links mechanism that is renowned as Cam and Follower Mechanism. This pair of higher links are used to move links spontaneously or periodically. Although, cam and follower mechanisms are also used by engineers for ensuring zero or minimum degree of error. The device that is known […]

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Chain Drives: Types, Application, Advantages, and Disadvantages [With PDF]

A chain drive is a Mechanically operating system where we used different types of chains to transmit the power or for movement of somethings. Generally, a chain drive is used where the distance between the power produced and where it to be transferred is less, however, this is not applicable for all. In some cases, […]

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Belt Drive: Types, Material, Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages [PDF]

The belt drive is also known as for continuous power transmission. In today's article, we will study Definition, Types, Material, Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages of Belt drive. What is a belt-drive? The belt is a flexible element of a mechanical system. It is used to transfer the power from one System to another System. Types of […]

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Different Terms of Vibration Terminology [With PDF]

Vibration Terminology: Vibration terminology consists of 12 terms which are: Periodic Motion Time Period Cycle Frequency Amplitude Natural Frequency The fundamental mode of vibration Degree of freedom Simple harmonic motion Damping Resonance Mechanical System 1. Periodic Motion: The motion which repeats itself after an equal interval of times is called Periodic motion. 2. Time Period: […]

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Vibration-Definition, Types (Free or Natural, Forced, Damped), Terminology, PDF

What is Vibration Definition? Vibration defined as when an elastic body such as spring, a beam, and a shaft are displaced from the equilibrium piston by the application of external forces and then released they executive as vibratory motion. For better understanding, When body particles are displaced by the application of external force, the internal […]

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Constrained Motion: Definition, Types [PDF]

Hello reader, In this article we will be study constrained motion and types of constrained motion types which includes completely, successfully and incompletely motion. And I will leave the PDF at the end of the article. Let's dive to topic, Types of Constrained Motion: There are three types of Constrained Motion: Completely constrained Partially or […]

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Kinematic Pair: Definition, Classification with Example [PDF]

Hello reader, hope you are good. Today we will study Kinematic Pair in which Definition, Types with example. And make sure if you want PDF you can easily download at the end of the article. So let's start, Kinematic Pair: According to the following consideration, Kinematic Pair has been classified into three types: Types of […]

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Kinematic Link: Definition, Types, Example [With PDF]

A kinematic link or element or link is a resistant body that constitutes part of the machine, connecting other parts which have motion relative to it. Example Kinematic Link: Piston, piston rod and crosshead of a steam engine constitutes one unit and hence called one link shown in the below figure. In this figure, the […]

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What is Clutch and Principle of clutch-PDF

What is the Clutch: In an automobile, a gearbox is required to change the speed and torque of the vehicle according to the driving requirement. If we change a gear, when the engine is engaged with the gearbox or when the gears are in running position, then it can cause wear and tear of gears. […]

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