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What is Vibration Terminology Definition, PDF

Written By Amrit Kumar

Vibration Terminology pdf

Vibration Terminology: Vibration terminology consists of 12 terms which are: Periodic Motion Time Period Cycle Frequency Amplitude Natural Frequency The fundamental mode of vibration Degree of freedom Simple harmonic motion Damping Resonance Mechanical System 1. Periodic Motion: The motion which … Read More

Constrained Motion-Types (Completely, Successfully and Incompletely)-PDF

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Constrained Motion

Constrained Motion: A Mechanical Pair having a definite motion with respect to another element. Types of Constrained Motion: Completely constrained Partially or Successfully constrained motion and Incompletely constrained motion 1. Completely motion: Whenever the motion between the pair takes place … Read More

Kinematic Link: Definition, Types, Example [With PDF]

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kinematic links feature image

A kinematic link or element or link is a resistant body that constitutes part of the machine, connecting other parts which have motion relative to it. Example Kinematic Link: Piston, piston rod and crosshead of a steam engine constitutes one … Read More

What is Clutch and Principle of clutch-PDF

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What is Clutch

What is the Clutch: In an automobile, a gearbox is required to change the speed and torque of the vehicle according to the driving requirement. If we change a gear, when the engine is engaged with the gearbox or when … Read More