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“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.”
- William Gibson
Gear Trains: Definition and Types [With PDF]

When sometimes two or more gears are made to mess with each other to transmit power from one shaft to another such combination is called gear trains. Types of Gear trains: We have generally 4-types of gear trains, and those are: Simple Gear Train Compound Gear Trains Reverted gear Trains Epicyclic Gear Trains So let's […]

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Electrolux Refrigeration System Overview

Construction of Electrolux Refrigeration System Electrolux Refrigeration System is consist of the following parts. Heat exchanger Absorber Evaporator Condenser Water separator Boiler & Burner (Generator) Heat exchanger The heat exchanger is used to transferring heat to NH3. Absorber It is used to remove the hydrogen from ammonia. Evaporator It is used to evaporate the NH3 […]

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Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System

A Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System consists of these following parts: Generator Condenser Receiver Expansion Valve Evaporator Absorber Pump Throttle Valve In Vapour Absorption Refrigerant System the low-pressure refrigerant vapor (NH3) from the evaporator is absorbed in the absorber by a weak solution of refrigerant and lowers the pressure in the absorber to draw more NH3 […]

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All About Vapour Compression Cycle

Vapour compression cycle generally known as VCC is a refrigeration cycle. In this cycle, the refrigerant is sealed condition in an airtight mechanism is compressed in a compressor which permits the transfer of heat energy. The refrigerant absorbs heat from one place and releases it to another place. The system repeats over and over again […]

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Gas Cycle Refrigeration-Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, Types, PDF

Gas Cycle Refrigeration: Before going to study the process of gas cycle refrigeration lets have some overview of air, vapor refrigerant used in the  Reverse Carnot cycle. Drawbacks of using Air as Refrigerant in Reverse Carnot cycle: Due to isentropic compression, very high pressure and due to isothermal heat rejection very high volume of gas […]

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Introduction and Basic Concepts of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, PDF

Introduction and Basic Concepts of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: First, let's understand a few things. Intensive properties do not depend on the size of the system e.g. pressure and temperature etc. Extensive properties depend on the size of the system e,g, volume, internal energy, enthalpy, etc. Entropy increases in an irreversible process due to two reason which […]

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Psychrometric- Dry, Moist, Saturated Air, Degree of saturation, Absolute, Relative Humidity, Dry and Wet Bulb Depression & Temperature, PDF

Psychrometric: The Psychrometric is the branch of engineering science which deals with the study of moist air i.e dry air mixed with water vapor or humidity. It also includes the study of the behavior of dry air and water vapor mixture under the various set of condition. Tough the earth's atmosphere is a mixture of gases including Nitrogen […]

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Refrigerator-Definition, Main Parts or Component, Working Principle, Advantages, Disadvantages, Application, PDF

Refrigerator: As already brought out, Refrigeration has two main uses- one is air conditioning and other is food preservation. Here we are going to study the refrigeration in very details. Definition: The Refrigerator is the cooling household appliance system where removing the heat from the system to surrounding by the heat pumpso that the inside […]

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Difference between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System [With PDF]

The main differences between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System are Vapor compression has high C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance) and Vapour Absorption has low C.O.P. Today we will study the Difference Between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System in detail. Note: At the bottom of the articles you can download PDF. Before moving […]

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