Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

Difference Between Pump and Compressor [With PDF]

Written By Amrit Kumar

difference between pump and compressor

The main differences between Pump and compressor are the pump transfers liquid from one place to another place whereas the compressor is used for storage of squeezed gas and then it supplied at the required place. Before moving to further … Read More

Types of Fluid Flow [PDF]

Written By Amrit Kumar

types of Fluid Flow Feature image (1)

ello readers, in this paper we are going to discuss the Types of Fluid Flow. Also, we will take a look at the Definition of fluid flow, along with a little bit of discussion on types of fluid too. Let’s … Read More

Properties of Fluid [Notes with PDF]

Written By Amrit Kumar

Properties of Fluid Feature image

he fluid is a substance which is having a tendency to flow. The properties of fluid include Density or Mass Density, Weight Density or Specific Weight, Specific Volume, Specific Gravity, and Viscosity. Note: You can download PDF at the end … Read More