Difference Between Shaper and Planer, PDF

Difference Between Shaper and Planer, PDF

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Are you looking for the Difference between shaper and planer? So today we will study the difference between them and PDF. Here You will get the articles of Mechanical Engineering in Brief with Some Key Points and you will get to know an enormous amount of knowledge from It. So You Find helpful this articles please let us know in the comment box either if any correction required too, also let’s know in the comment box.

Difference Between Shaper and Planer are:

1. These are lighter, smaller and cheaper. These are heavier, larger and costlier.
2. The tool is held on a ram which reciprocates and the work mounted on the table remains stationary and gives the feed. Work is mounted on a table which reciprocates while the tool is held on the machine frame and fed into the work.
3. It is intended for small jobs. It is intended for large jobs.
4. Low machining accuracy. High machining accuracy.
5. Simple in construction. It is a robust one or robust in construction.
6. Not possible to make deep cuts and heavy feeds. Possible to make deep cuts and heavy feeds.
7. A low rate of power consumption. A high rate of power consumption.

Looking for some other topics explanation? I have discussed in details:

Other 7 points:

8. Suitable for machining small and medium-size work, one or few at a time. Not suitable for machining small and medium-size work, one or few at a time.
9. Usually, only one tool is used on a shaper. Multiple tooling permits machining of more than one surface at a time.
10. Cutting and return speeds vary throughout the strokes. Cutting and return speeds are uniform throughout the strokes.
11. Work setting requires less skill and less time. Work setting requires more skill and more time.
12. Tools used are lighter and smaller. Tools used are heavier, stronger and larger.
13. Limited cutting and return speeds are available. A wide range of cutting and return speeds are available.
14. It requires less floor space. It requires a large floor space.

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