5 Steps to Take after a DUI Charge

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Anup Kumar Dey

If you’ve recently received a DUI charge, it’s crucial to understand what this charge means and what consequences and penalties you may be facing. Although you may be unsure as to how to proceed or what comes next, one of the first things you need to do is to reach out to an aggressive, knowledgeable DUI attorney in Miami who will help you fight to have those charges dropped or reduced. Here are five steps you must take after a DUI charge.

Take the Chemical Test

In most states, refusing to take the chemical test can be punishable by law. This test provides police officers with a wide variety of information, starting with your blood alcohol content. With this information, a police officer can determine how much alcohol is in your blood. Don’t look for additional problems, and simply take the test.

Make a note of Everything that Has Happened

First, you need to catch your breath and realize what just happened. Then, as soon as it’s possible, write down every single detail that you remember about the arrest. Some details may seem insignificant, while others you may swear will be impossible to forget. The reality is that memory is elusive, and you don’t want to risk forgetting something your lawyer may consider crucial for your defense. Some pieces of information that you may want to write down include:

  • Date and time when you were pulled over
  • The location where this happened
  • What conversations you had with the police, what were you asked, what you answered, and anything else you talked about
  • Details about the test you had to take
  • Anything that catches your attention or seems unusual
  • Anything else that you might remember

Details will start to face over time; take the time to put everything in writing as soon as you can to have your story straight.

Contact a DUI Lawyer

Attempting to fight a DUI charge in court will likely be a losing battle. To be successful in fighting these charges, it’s absolutely essential to have someone with legal knowledge by your side. Look for an attorney that specializes in DUI cases in your area. Someone who knows the judges and the courts where you live or where you received the charges.

Make Private All Your Online Profiles

It’s very easy for the state to build a strong case around you if they base it on the information you provide about yourself in your social media accounts. The prosecutor will try to dig for any ammunition they can find, and you’ll make it easy for them if your accounts contain a wide variety of pictures in which you appear to be drinking and partying. Keep in mind that things can be taken out of context, so make sure there is nothing for them to find and make private all your online accounts.

Prepare For Your Court Date

Present the best version of yourself when the time comes for you to show up in court. Take the time to get a haircut, and plan ahead for the outfit you will wear. Get to the courtroom early. Remember that you’ll only have one chance to give a positive first impression, and your future may depend on it. Once in the courtroom, leave all aggression behind, behave properly, and be solemn and polite whenever you’re expected to give an answer. Yelling or speaking out of turn will only turn things against you.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind

When you receive a DUI charge, there is little you can do to change the mind of the police officer that is arresting you. No matter how sure you’re that you have a strong alibi or that you have evidence that you’re innocent, now is not the time to engage with the police. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t believe that everything that you’re saying to them is pure fabrication on your part. Share any evidence with your attorney, and don’t talk to the police except to give them your basic information. For anything else, ask to wait until your lawyer is present.

Also, take the time to identify potential witnesses that can testify in your favor. If you were arrested when coming home from a friend’s house, restaurant, or bar, create a list of the people you were with before the arrest occurred. They may help back up your story that you didn’t have much of anything to drink before you got in your car.

All this information will prove very useful to your DUI attorney when it comes to building a strong case for your defense. Your lawyer must quickly take action to preserve your driving privileges and avoid you facing any other penalties.

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